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Briefly explain what is a switching regulator

The switching regulator power supply consists of a full-wave rectifier, a switching transistor, an excitation signal, a freewheeling diode, a storage inductor and a filter capacitor. In fact, the core part of the switching regulator is a DC transformer.
"Switch-type regulated power supply" is more efficient and energy-saving than "series-regulated regulated power supply"; adapts to the change of mains power; wide adjustable output voltage; one switch tube can easily obtain multiple sets of voltage levels Power supply; small size, light weight and many other advantages, and is widely used.
(1) Low power consumption and high efficiency
(2) Small size and light weight
(3) Wide voltage regulation range
(4) The efficiency of filtering is greatly improved, so that the capacity and volume of the filter capacitor are greatly reduced.
(5) Flexible circuit form [1]
The disadvantage of switching regulators is that there are more serious switching disturbances. In the switching regulator power supply, the power adjustment switching transistor operates in a state, and the generated AC voltage and current generate spike interference and surge interference through other components in the circuit. If these interferences are not taken to suppress, eliminate, and shield , it will seriously affect the normal work of the whole machine. In addition, since the switching regulator power supply oscillator is not isolated by the power frequency transformer, these interferences will be stringed into the power frequency grid, causing serious interference to other nearby electronic instruments, equipment and household appliances.

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