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How to install the waterproof switch power supply?

How to install waterproof switch power supply? Waterproof switch power supply is often seen in our daily life. If the weather often rains, our switching power supply will be damaged if it is in a humid place, which will affect our work. The waterproof switch power supply is to reduce these troubles. Its structure has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture proof. Even if it is rainy, it will not be damaged. What are the waterproof switch power supply models? How to install the waterproof switch power supply.
How to install waterproof switch power supply
How to install the waterproof switch power supply, first open the cover of the switch, and loosen the screw inside the switch until the wire can be inserted. Measure which one is the fire line in the wall. Everyone pays attention to the correct use of the electric pen. The electric pen lights up to indicate that it is a fire line, then the other one is the control line. Next, use electrician's pliers to repair the line, see the length of the line reserved by the electrician, and remove the line to remove 0.5CM. The single-open switch fire line is connected to the L port, and the control line is connected to the L1. If it is the single connection of the three wiring ports, the L2 is not required.
The double-opening switch is also reasonable. The fire wire enters the L port. The first lamp enters the L1 and the second lamp enters the L2 three-open switch. Some troubles. First, you have to connect the live wires in series, that is, the L L1 L2 is connected in series, and then the three lamps are connected separately. L11 L21 and L31. The four-open switch and the three-open switch connect the live line to the four live poles, and then the four lights are respectively connected. How to install the waterproof switch power supply, after the line is connected, it is the switch on the wall. Use a large screwdriver to insert the screw with the screw into the switch. Finally fixed, the cover is installed and the installation is completed.
What are the waterproof switch power supply models?
What are the waterproof switch power supply models? Waterproof power supply models are ZQ-D01HF, ZQ-D02HF, ZQ-D03HF, ZQ-D08F, ZQ-D03F; boost type waterproof power supply models are ZQ-B01HF, ZQ-B02HF, ZQ-B03HF, ZQ-B05HF, ZQ-B05F, ZQ-B10F boost power supply. ZQ-1?% Product model meaning, the first bit is D or B, D indicates that the output is a step-down power supply, B indicates that the output is a boost type power supply; the second and third bits indicate the output current value, and 01 indicates the output current is not More than 1A, 05 means that the output current does not exceed 5A; the 4th and 5th bits indicate the characteristics of the product, H means the output constant current, and F means the waterproof product.
Waterproof Switching Power Converter Features
Maximum current: The maximum current limit is output, which is set before leaving the factory according to customer requirements.
Short circuit protection: A short circuit occurs on the line. If it lasts for 0.5 seconds, it will cause the line to burn out. If the power can be cut off quickly within 0.1 seconds, accidents can be avoided. When the current is greater than 1.5 times the rated current, the power protection circuit is disconnected within 0.03 seconds, which is more than 5 times faster than a fuse. Ensure the safety of the equipment. The power is automatically restored normally.
Overcurrent protection: If the line load is too heavy, overheating will occur, and the converter will automatically limit the temperature to cool down. When the current is greater than 1.3 times the rated current, the power converter will monitor the duration and magnitude of this current; if the duration exceeds 1.5 seconds, or greater than 1.5 times the rated current during normal operation, the power supply will be disconnected and the current will be reduced. After the small, it automatically returns to normal power supply.
Waterproof and dustproof: water leakage, humidity is too high or too much dust in the working environment, it is easy to make the output of the equipment affected or burned out. The power supply adopts a fully enclosed design, which is not affected by external humidity and other harsh working environment.
Overheat protection: Overheating can lead to equipment damage. When the operating temperature is higher than 90 °C, the DC power supply will automatically reduce or limit the current output. After the temperature rises normally, the power supply will automatically resume normal power supply.

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